Scholarship Sector

          If Survey Department has opportunity to study from aboards, the Department have been sending to study the offer subjects not to behind Survey Department of Neighbour Countries

          (a) Duration                  − 1960 to 2014
           (b) Country                    −  Netherland၊ England၊ France ၊Germany ၊ Russia၊ India၊ Thialand၊ Indonesia၊ Singapore၊ Japan၊
          (c) Courses                   − Photogrammetry, Aerial Photography, Advanced Geodesy & Geodetic Surveying, Remote
                                                  Sensing & GIS, Technology for Digital Mapping, Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics,
                                                  Information Technology for Natrual Resources Management, Planning and Management of
                                                  National Mapping and Surveying Cartography
          (d) Number of Trainees− The numbers of (77) Survey Officers from  Survey Department studied abroad from 1961 to

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