Instruments, Hardware and Software

Instruments, Hardware and Software

Map Drawing Sub–Division

           (a)     TNT mips Catography Software & Workstation (23) Sets.
           (b)     A0 Size Colour (Z 3200) (2) Nos.
           (c)     Dell Data Server (16 TB).
           (d)     Wide Format Colour Scanner.

Map Printing Sub–Division

           (a) Image Setter (Avantra 44S) Film Processor.
           (b) Computer to Plate (UV 4664 × EX +) Plate Processor.
           (c) Printing down Frame (65" × 54") For Plate Making .
           (d) Server Type Workstation (2) Sets .
           (e) Hidelberg SM-102 Two Colour Printing Machine.
           (f) Hidelberg Sordz Two Colour Printing Machine.
           (g) Paper Cutting Machine (3) Nos.

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