Aerial Survey and Photography Division

Aerial Survey and Photography Division


Aerial Survey Office under the Ministry of National Planning was situated the location of no. (88), Pyay Road, 6  mile and it was established in January, 1953. This office has been being as an International Business Centre (IBC) now. Lieutenant Colonel Ba Han, the first Director was posted Aerial Survey Office. In 1954 Aerial Survey Office was composed with Survey Department according to the similar function of survey works. Aerial Survey and Photography Division has been doing its function and duties since 1990.

The Head person of Aerial Survey and Photography Division were as follow:-

Sr Name Designation
1. Lieutenant Colonel Ba Han Director (1952-1954)
2. U R Hla Kyaw Officer-in-Charge (1954-1957)
3. U Lun Pe  Officer-in-Charge (1957-1973)
4. U Mg Mg       Officer-in-Charge (1973-1981)
5. U Shein Officer-in-Charge (1981-1988)
6. U Aung Than Director (1988-1992)
7. U Myint Lwin Director (1992-1998)
8. U Kan Sint Director (1998-2004)
9 U Than Hlaing Director (2004-2008)
10. U Than Aye  Director (2008-2013)
11. U Tin Win Director (2013-2014)
12. U Ko Latt Director (2015-up to now)

Dr. D.J Belcher and three members from American, Cornell University offered the lectures of photo interpretation at Yangon, in 1954. The thirteenth numbers of Survey Officers and other fourteenth officers, altogether twenty seven officers attended this training.

          Aerial Survey Division  (Survey Department)       -           (13) Nos
          Department of Forest                                          -           ( 2 ) Nos
          Department of Irrigation                                     -           ( 2 ) Nos
          Department of Housing Development                -           ( 3 ) Nos
          Department of Agriculture                                 -           ( 4 ) Nos
          Armed forced                                                     -           ( 3 ) Nos        

The numbers of (10) Survey Officers from  Survey Department attended Diploma in Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry courses at The Netherland in 1980 to 1988. The two officers studied Master course in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics at Germany in 2002 to 2007. Only one officer studied Master course in Information Technology for Natural Resource Management at Indonesia in 2004 to 2006.

Digital Mapping, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric trainings have been studying to abroad since 1962.

Organizational Structure and Manpower

The organizational structure and strength of staff capacity at the end of March, 2024 are as follow.

Organizational Structure







Other Ranks












Aerial Survey and Photography Division undertakes its duties according the following objectives.

          (1)     To manage for taking recent aerial photographs
          (2)     To draw revision maps
          (3)     To be responsible  digital maps from satellite imagery and aerial photos for the

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