Aerial Survey and Photography Division

Aerial Survey and Photography Division


Aerial Survey Office under the Ministry of National Planning was situated the location of no. (88), Pyay Road, 6  mile and it was established in January, 1953. This office has been being as an International Business Centre (IBC) now. Lieutenant Colonel Ba Han, the first Director was posted Aerial Survey Office. In 1954 Aerial Survey Office was composed with Survey Department according to the similar function of survey works. Aerial Survey and Photography Division has been doing its function and duties since 1990.

The Head person of Aerial Survey and Photography Division were as follow:-

Sr Name Designation
1. Lieutenant Colonel Ba Han Director (1952-1954)
2. U R Hla Kyaw Officer-in-Charge (1954-1957)
3. U Lun Pe  Officer-in-Charge (1957-1973)
4. U Mg Mg       Officer-in-Charge (1973-1981)
5. U Shein Officer-in-Charge (1981-1988)
6. U Aung Than Director (1988-1992)
7. U Myint Lwin Director (1992-1998)
8. U Kan Sint Director (1998-2004)
9 U Than Hlaing Director (2004-2008)
10. U Than Aye  Director (2008-2013)
11. U Tin Win Director (2013-2014)
12. U Ko Latt Director (2015-up to now)

Dr. D.J Belcher and three members from American, Cornell University offered the lectures of photo interpretation at Yangon, in 1954. The thirteenth numbers of Survey Officers and other fourteenth officers, altogether twenty seven officers attended this training.

          Aerial Survey Division  (Survey Department)       -           (13) Nos
          Department of Forest                                          -           ( 2 ) Nos
          Department of Irrigation                                     -           ( 2 ) Nos
          Department of Housing Development                -           ( 3 ) Nos
          Department of Agriculture                                 -           ( 4 ) Nos
          Armed forced                                                     -           ( 3 ) Nos        

The numbers of (10) Survey Officers from  Survey Department attended Diploma in Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry courses at The Netherland in 1980 to 1988. The two officers studied Master course in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics at Germany in 2002 to 2007. Only one officer studied Master course in Information Technology for Natural Resource Management at Indonesia in 2004 to 2006.

Digital Mapping, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric trainings have been studying to abroad since 1962.

Organizational Structure and Manpower

The organizational structure and strength of staff capacity at the end of March, 2024 are as follow.

Organizational Structure







Other Ranks












Aerial Survey and Photography Division undertakes its duties according the following objectives.

          (1)     To manage for taking recent aerial photographs
          (2)     To draw revision maps
          (3)     To be responsible  digital maps from satellite imagery and aerial photos for the

Tasks carry out by Aerial Survey and Photography Division

Tasks have been performed

Historical Tasks of Taking Aerial Photography

       Aerial Photography task in Myanmar was started in 1923-24. Myanmar was the initiator country of the Aerial Photography task in South East Asia.  The aerial photography task was used for the interoperation of forestry, estimation of forest, exploration of mineral resources and topographical mapping to save budget and time.

           In 1923-24 (colony era), the aerial photographs were taken the following area.


Project Area





Delta area   


Fairey Air Survey Co.Ltd

Forest Cover


Myeik& Tavoy     


Fairey Air Survey Co.Ltd

Forest Cover




Indian Air Survey Co.Ltd



Magway,Ayeyar Wady,Yakhine,
Bago,Yangon,Mon ,Kayin, Shan


US Air Force


           On 19th March, 1953 World Wide Air Survey Corporation in American and Myanmar contracted to take aerial photography and to get Photogrammetry machine as a first step. Aerial triangulation machine, Multiplex, Contact Printer, document for the technology were received according to the contract. Technology transfer, taking aerial photography for 76000 square miles, Airborne Magnetometer Survey for 6000 miles and magnetic maps ware also produced. 

           In 1957, Myanmar and Fairey Air Survey Company, England contracted to take aerial photos remaining area of the World Wide Air Survey Corporation with 1:6000,1:20000, 1:50000 scale aerial photos. The aerial photos were taken five times in pleasant season until 1962.

Aerial Photography for UTM Project

           In 2000-2001 and 2006-2007 budget years the aerial photos for Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Transformation Project were taken with foreign expert. The instruments of the aerial photography and photo processing tasks were as follows:-

          -        Cessna Citation II Air Craft
          -        RC-30 Camera
          -        Computer Control Navigation System (CCNS-4)
          -        Hope Automatic Film Processor
          -        SPEK Contact Printer
          -        Vexel Ultra Scan 5000
           Cessna Citation II Air Craft owned by Myanmar Survey Department, Computer Control Navigation System (CCNS-4) and RC 30 camera were used to take aerial photos. Hope Automatic Film Processor was used the processing of the negative films and SPEK Contact Printer was used for hard copy photo printing. Scanning process was done by using Vexel Ultra Scan 5000.

Aerial Photography by Digital Camera

          Ultra Cam Eagle Camera was purchased by Survey Department, Ministry of Environmental  Conservation and Forestry in 2012-2013 financial year. It was used to obtain geospatial information and mapping process using with high resolution imagery and for the project.

           The purpose of the survey department is to promote human resource development for the new generation in the taking aerial photography field.

           Mr. Tan Tong Gee, Image Maps Pte Ltd, Singapore offered the lecture including practical and literature of the aerial photography by using Ultra Cam Eagle Camera from 3rd March 2013 to 21th March 2013. The numbers of four survey officers were attended.

           UltraMap Software was used for photo processing and Mr. Rama  Murthy Panangipalli Image Maps Pte Ltd, Singapore, Geospatial Service Engineer gave lecture from 1st April 2013 to 11th April 2013 .

           Second time training of Aerial photography and GPS computation adjustment training was responsible by Mr. Lasse Andersson Finmap Co.Ltd from 3rd November 2013 to 22nd November 2013. Kyaik Se District, Myangyan District in Mandalay Division and Sagaing District, Mon Ywa District in Sagaing Division project area of total cover 6000 square kilometers (about 2350 square miles) were taken in the training. The UTM 1: 50000 map scale sheets of eight maps (2195-05, 2195-06, 2195-09, 2195-10, 2195-13, 2195-14, 2196-01, 2196-02) were taken aerial photos.

Photogrammetric Mapping

           Aerial Survey and Photography Division has been undertaking photogrammetry task since 1953 to 2000 by using analogue plotters such as Wild A8, Wild B8 and PPO-8.

           The digital mapping process was transformed from analogue process according to the advancing of innovative technologies. The numbers of 1: 50000 map sheets (1134) sheets were produced entire state with digitally when the UTM transformation process was done by DVP (Digital Video Plotter) in 2000-2001 to 2006-2007. The revision Maps have been doing as second edition according the changes of geographical features to be reduced gaps of changes.

Summit Evolution Software

           Summit Evolution software version 2.9 is used for the UTM transformation process from 2002 to 2014. In 2014, new versions of Summit Evolution software version 6.8 that is produced by DAT-EM Systems International (Alaska  U.S.A ) is purchased and used for photogrammetric sector.

           The Summit Evolution training was responsible by Mr. Ken Byres, International sales and technical support manger from Canada. The new version has advanced tools and latest functions. The training took from 13th January 2014 to 16th January 2014. The objectives of this training were to obtain skill person for the photogrammetric task and so that the trainees improved human resources development. the numbers of ten trainees were attended.

PCI Geomatica Software

           Mr. Shawn Melamed, Application Engineer, PCI Geometic Inc. gave lecture regarding PCI Geometica Training on 17th June 2013 to 1st July 2013.

           Geometica Software can be used not only photogrammetric mapping process but also imagery produced from remote sensing sensors and digital camera. It is powerful tools of data base modeling, spatial analysis Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping.

The completed tasks of Aerial Survey and Photography Division

Financial Year

Job Title

Status of Completion



1. Aerial Photography

Area - ( Between Lat.(N) 15º 30ʹ & 18º 00ʹ 
             and Long. (E) 94º 00ʹ & 97º 00ʹ  )
         - 91 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale
            Map (88,634 sq-km) 
        - (Ayeyarwady Region,Yangon Region,
           Southern part of Bago Region and
           Southern part of Rakhaine State)



2. Revised Map Updating

150 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



3. Making Photo Index

24 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



4. Plotting of New Map




5. Others




1. Aerial Photography

Area   - ( Between Lat.(N) 18º 00ʹ & 19º 00ʹ
Long.(E) 93º 26ʹ & 97º 00ʹ  )     
           - 51 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale
(38,150 sq-km)
           - (Bago Region, Southern part of
Region, Northern part of
              Ayeyawady Region, 
Kayin State
              and Rakhaine State)      



2. Revised Map Updating

150 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



3. Making Photo Index

12 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



4. Plotting of New Map

27 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



5. Others




1. Aerial Photography




2. Revised Map Updating

68 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



3. Making Photo Index

4 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



4. Plotting of New Map

20 Sheets of UTM 1:50,000 Scale Map



5. Others



Future  Plan

           The future plans of the Aerial Survey and Photography Division are as follows.

           (a)  To produce accurate topographical maps with various scales by applying
                 innovative technologies
           (b)  To take 30 GSD resolution aerial photos with Ultra Cam Eagle  Camera
           (c)  To produce large scale map for the development plan for the state with high
                 resolution aerial photos
           (d)  To produce Orthophoto maps and taking digital aerial photographs
           (e)  To produce 1:25000 scale Topographical Maps for the entire state
           (f)  To produce 1:10000 scale maps for  cities of Division and Regions
           (g) To cooperate  projects for the state development process
           (h) To promote Human Resource Development

Instruments, Hardware and Software

           The hardware and software of the digital mapping tasks are as follows:

           -     Vexcel Ultra Scan 5000 Photogrammetric Scanner
           -     Digital Photogrammetric Workstation
           -     Digital Video Plotter (DVP)
           -     Match AT Aerial Triangulation Software
           -     Match-T Digital Terrain Model Software
           -     Summit Evolution Photogrammetric Software

          Match AT software was used to compute Aerial triangulation adjustment.  Digital Video Plotter (DVP) software is used to draw the detailed geospatial information and Summit Evolution Software is used to take Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and contour generation process.

          Summit EV software and PCI Geometica software are supported to use high performance resolution aerial photos.

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