Map Reproduction Division

Map Reproduction Division


The Surveying works of Myanmar was undertaken from 1905 to the end of second world war by Survey of India .For the sake of separate responsibilities on surveying andMap reproduction, Burma Survey Department was so intentionally set up  on 1 st  Nov, 1946 .For the purposes of field surveying and training on new  generation surveyorsas well as survey technicians, No.1 Survey Department was set up in October 1947 at Pyin Oo Lwin ,Surveyed topography map should be widely produced and printed so  Map Printing Office in July 1948, Map Drawing Office  in April, 1957 were accordingly set up. During the reign of the state law and Order Restoration Council, Survey Department was re–constituted on 1 st March, 1990 by six major divisions, thenMap Printing Office to Map Printing Sub–division and Map Drawing Office to Map Drawing Sub–division under the Map Reproduction Division were also set.

Organizational Structure and Manpower

The organizational structure and strength of staff capacity at the end of March, 2024 are as follow.

Organizational Structure









Other Ranks












           (1)     Suppose to help the policies of map production of Survey Department by
                    Producing actuate and better quality maps.                     
           (2)     In accordance with the modern era and ism, qualified maps should be produced
                    in time by the assistance of modern machines and technology.
           (3)     The art of map drawing and printing technologies of the staffs should be
                    modified in substainable skill and knowledge.                   
           (4)     Public maps should be produced at a larger and wider scales.



Tasks of Map Reproduction Division

Worked out Tasks

  1. Production of UTM Topographic Map . (2001 to 2011)

          - 1:50000 Scale - 1134 Sheets

          - 1:100000 Scale - 322 Sheets

          - 1:250000 Scale - 93 Sheets

          - 1:1000000 Scale - 9 Sheets

   2. U T M Map revision . (2009 to 2018)

          - 1:50000 Scale - 990 Sheets (Second Edition)

          - 1:50000 Scale - 525 Sheets (Third Edition)

          - 1:100000 Scale - 107 Sheets (Second Edition)(2013 to 2018)

          - 1:250000 Scale - 28 Sheets (Second Edition)(2013 to 2018)

   3. Production of new version public maps . (2010 to 2018)

       Map of State/Region

          - 1" = 45 miles ( Myanmar Version )

          - 1" = 45 miles ( English Version )

          - 1" = 20 miles ( Myanmar Version )

          - Atlas Maps of States and Regions ( Myanmar Version )

          - Nay Pyi Taw Guide Map ( English Version ) (2017 Edition)

          - Yangon Guide Map ( English Version )


Future Plan

          (1)  By using the up-to-date data surveyed by field parties, U T M map will be revised in
                accordance with the amount and quality of the  epartment.
          (2)  Public map 1" = 20 miles (English Version), Atlas ( Maps of states andRegions)
                English Version, will be produced.
          (3)  To avoid the lose and lesser of skilled staffs, internal refreshing trainings and
                workshops will be operated.
          (4)  To carry out all map production jobs in accordance with the direction of the

Instruments, Hardware and Software

Map Drawing Sub–Division

           (a)     TNT mips Catography Software & Workstation (23) Sets.
           (b)     A0 Size Colour (Z 3200) (2) Nos.
           (c)     Dell Data Server (16 TB).
           (d)     Wide Format Colour Scanner.

Map Printing Sub–Division

           (a) Image Setter (Avantra 44S) Film Processor.
           (b) Computer to Plate (UV 4664 × EX +) Plate Processor.
           (c) Printing down Frame (65" × 54") For Plate Making .
           (d) Server Type Workstation (2) Sets .
           (e) Hidelberg SM-102 Two Colour Printing Machine.
           (f) Hidelberg Sordz Two Colour Printing Machine.
           (g) Paper Cutting Machine (3) Nos.

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